Zero International – Soft Puff IntumetTM System

Project & Location

Fire-Resistant Safe Room – Lyons, Colorado – Lead Construction Inc. recently built a document safe room in the foothills outside of Lyons. The customer, who runs a business out of his home, needed a fire-resistant room to protect his documents in the case of a fire.


The fire-resistant room was built out of 8” thick formed concrete walls and ceiling in the basement of the home. 2 commercial 3 hour resistant doors were installed. With that construction the fire could not penetrate the walls, but the challenge was creating a fire-resistant entrance. Lead Construction Inc. needed a way to reduce or eliminate the combustion air. Even though the fire could not pass through the doors, hot air could pass through them and potentially increase the air temperature inside the room enough to ignite combustible materials inside.

IntumetTM strips from Zero International helped to solve this issue. The IntumetTM tape adheres to the jamb or door and expands under high heat. When the product is activated, it can expand up to 20 X its thickness to seal off any gaps between the door and jambs, preventing the entrance of hot air into the safe room.

 Forest Fires in Colorado

2012 marked the worst wildfire season in Colorado in the last decade. More than a half dozen fires caused destruction and forced over 35,000 residents from their homes. A fire-resistant safe room is the perfect solution to protect your valuables in the event of a forest fire or other accidental fire.

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If you have questions about building a fire-resistant room in your home or business, please contact Lead Construction Inc. for more information. The safe room was designed and built with the help of the following companies and subcontractors: